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On 20 and 21 July 2016 it was held the first public conference of the project. The conference, that was very interesting for the topics covered, was attended by about 40 people.

In the two-day conference they were held three working sessions, two inside the room of the bicycle  at the museum of wool of Stia (AR) and one in the various project areas.

1) Presentation of the project and specific scientific interventions related to this:


- Sandro Piazzini (PNFC) - Conservation status of the target amphibians and butterflies populations of the project Download pdf  
- Pezzi G., Buldrini F., Cavalletti D., Pitoia F., Scandellone & Chiarucci A.(UNIBO) - Plant species, habitats and landscapes: some initial considerations download pdf  
- Vito Santarcangelo (progetto LIFE ARUPALIFE)- The reproduction and reintroduction programs of Bommbina pachypus within the Project ARUPALIFE download pdf  
 - Thomas Abeli (UNIPV) - Reintroduction and strengthening plant species functional to the reintroduction of amphibians dowload pdf  
-  Davide Alberti (PNFC) Marcello Miozzo (DREAM) - LIFE WET FLY AMPHIBIA project contents download pdf  

2) Network between LIFE projects and discussion on how to transfer the practical experience in the management

Vito Santarcangelo- LIFE+O8 NAT/IT/000372 ARUPALIFE  download pdf

Andrea Agapito Ludovici - LIFE14 IPE/IT/000018 — GESTIRE  download pdf

Lars Briggs- LIFE14 NAT DE 000171 - Auenamphibien download pdf

Roberto Fabbri - LIFE14 NAT/ IT / 000209 - Eremita download pdf

3) Visit to the project intervention areas


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