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03/07/2018 The first restocking of Yellowbelly toad

18/10/2017 Interventions in the Tuscan Park areas

31/08/2017- The drought of 2017


05/03/2016- Video Presentation of the project

05/08/2016- Video presentations of initial project conferenze

- Sandro Piazzini (PNFC) - Conservation status of the target amphibians and butterflies populations of the project







- Pezzi G., Buldrini F., Cavalletti D., Pitoia F., Scandellone & Chiarucci A.(UNIBO) - Plant species, habitats and landscapes: some initial considerations








- Vito Santarcangelo (progetto LIFE ARUPALIFE)- The reproduction and reintroduction programs of Bommbina pachypus within the Project ARUPALIFE






 - Thomas Abeli (UNIPV) - Reintroduction and strengthening plant species functional to the reintroduction of amphibians







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