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The work on the reconstruction of the Wetlands Metaleto and Prato al Fiume (Eremo di Camaldoli) and Podere Stradelli have began.


I confini del SIC IT5180018 con le aree di intervento

In these areas will be implemented operations for the restoration or creation of wetlands for amphibians, associated with interventions on vegetation to improve the lighting conditions of the sites.

The Metaleto area (s.l.m. 898 m) is located near the Monastery of Camaldoli, in the town of Poppi (AR). CFS will actuate on two locations: the first concerns the arrangement of a wetland and the second the implementation of a dual-function fountain (for watering horses and wetland for amphibians).

The area of ​​Prato al Fiume (1060 m s.l.m.) is located near the Eremo di Camaldoli, in the town of Poppi (AR). It is a meadow inside a fir and beech forest that, in time, has greatly reduced the free space compared. Interventions of CFS are of three types: reconstitution wetland, woodland and cutting arrangement of the stream weir.

The area of ​​Pode Stradelli (822 m s.l.m. ) is located in the town of Chiusi della Verna (AR), at Stradelli farm. It is an area of ​​pastureland present, characterized by the presence of a small ditch, left tributary of the Archiano River. UMCASEN provide the construction of a fountain with basins for watering and for amphibians and the realization of some small wetlands on the lawn.

 The works constitute the first phase of operations in the Tuscan side of the park which will be added other interventions the next spring.


Interventi di taglio a Metaleto. Foto: Marcello Miozzo


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