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Foto: Roberto Sauli

In the section “Products” of the site you can download all the technical documents produced as part of the A1, A2 and A3 actions.

Under Action A1 it was produced two documents that include the four planned deliverables:

-Map of distribution of Bombina variegata, Salamandrina terdigitata, Triturus carnifex, Euplagia quadripunctaria * and Eriogaster catax

-Procedures For breeding ex situ removals and Apennine yellow-bellied toad Bombina variegata,(Bonaparte, 1838) and salamander Savi Salamandrina perspicillata (Savi, 1821)

As for the action A2 one document contains the three deliverables foreseen (Cartography of harvesting areas of species of flora, the summary document of the environmental and climatic characteristics of all of the action intervention areas C1 and species Roster reproduce and preserve the germplasm bank)


Finally, under the action A3 it was produced a first technical document for the concrete implementation of the action C1 with the priorities of the recipient PNFC, CFS and UMCASEN



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